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Aquarium Making is for both experienced fishkeepers who have had aquariums for a considerable period of time and for new aquarium hobbyists alike. It is for those who want to

build and set up their own aquariums and it aims at showing how to properly maintain an aquarium, feed the fish adequately, know when they are sick or need attention and take good care of them. It starts with the design and make-up of an aquarium in chapter 1. Chapter 2 renders several crucial tips while
chapter 3 dwells on feeding and also gives some tips on breeding. Common problems and diseases associated with keeping an aquarium are treated in chapter 4. The most commonly kept aquarium pet, the goldfish gets chapter 5; and finally, in chapter 6, a step-by-step approach in setting up an aquarium is outlined, and this will help those who just want to set up an aquarium right away.

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