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  I look and I look, I wonder: the marvel Of all creation. I look at the stars, I wonder how he made The moon and the sun; Yet man he made And loves him Much more than them all. Oh how he loves man!

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Warlords, military Generals, Presidents, etc, have been somewhat tagged as heroes because they have had some sort of temporary dominion over certain regions of the earth at one time or the other. The world War 2, the deadliest of wars ever, was all about a quest for dominion. There have been many instances (past and present), all pointing at the quest for dominion. For example, think about the British Empire from the late 19th century. […]

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From generations past to now, it is very common for every political party, every kingdom and of course, every government in every nation to strive to bring hope to their people. There are no politicians who do not colour their manifestos with emblems of hope. But many times, this hope remains a ‘make-believe’ and a feeling in people’s minds. Several organizations like the United Nations Copyright © – All Rights Reserved

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In every affair of life we have uncertainties, and sometimes we find ourselves in the very midst them— financial uncertainties, political uncertainties, confusion and indecision within government authorities. Sometimes we suddenly realize that we have laid a faulty foundation or that we have taken a bad decision. The world would say, “no one holds tomorrow”. The financial market would tell you not to raise your expectations as the stocks are likely to plummet very soon. […]

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Is participating in church worship services via the media the same as the real gathering of Christian people? One of the striking songs that point to the gathering of God’s people or what the scripture regards as “the assembling of ourselves together” is Psalms 134: ‘Come bless the LORD, all you servants of the LORD, who stand by night in the house of the LORD! Lift up your hands to the holy place, and bless […]