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  • Aquarium Making -Fishkeeping & Maintenance
    Fish is one of the most popular pets around the world and the trend catches the interest of people of all ages. This book is for both experienced fish-keepers and for new aquarium hobbyists. It is for those who want to build and set up their own aquariums and for those who wonder how they can dismantle the aquarium accessories and still be able to set up the tank to function appropriately. The book explains aquarium maintenance and adequate feeding manners. It points out how to know when the fish are sick and how to provide attention and care. There are multiple-choice questions and answers at the end of each chapter which renders a great and fun way to help students and teachers.
  • For both experienced fishkeepers and for new hobbyist alike who want to build and maintain aquariums with the right skills and tips
  • A geophysical book on OBC and OBN seismic comprising of four chapters with sets of exercises that are of tremendous help in the school environment.
  • A collection of thoughts, concerns and expressed emotions, all in poetry formats.
  • True ePub creation made simple for authors--- with a simple path: from ePub to Mobi
  • An ePub template which will speed up the underwriting process of any author in reflowable EPUB 3 format.
  • Available in ePub, MOBI and PDF formats.
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