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‘My Love in Passionate Poems’ is a collection of thoughts, concerns and expressed emotions, all in poetry formats. All the poems in the book fall into the category of either descriptive poems or reflective poems. Some of the poems have traditional or


perfect rhyming patterns while others have general rhymes such as matching vowels (assonance). Moreover, a good number of them are lyrical in nature. Some are ballads and/or songs. In Section 2 we have a typical example of a poem that falls into the category of reflective poems— It was written out of a major concern about a military build-up in the Black Sea (2014).  In Section 1, the poem ‘My rose flower’ is more or less descriptive— a romantic expression with almost perfect rhymes.  The poem in Section 3 is the lyrics of an audio song, ‘I will still love you’ [Copyright, 2013], rendered as a poem in Section 2 with an additional verse by the artist.

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